By: Cassandra Bailey, CEO of Slice Communications and Laura Berry, Founder and CEO of Cogberry Creative

As a female CEO, one of my favorite events of the year is always the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Summit & Salute. The Summit & Salute is one of WBENC’s annual events that highlights the accomplishments of America’s Top Corporations for Women Business Enterprises and top Women Business Enterprises (WBEs).

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There you are with a decent glass of wine in your hand.

Across the table sits a decent looking stranger. You’ve paid a decent amount of money to meet people like him or her, so let’s get started.

You: Hi.

Stranger: I’m the youngest partner in my firm. My BMI is nineteen. I have a degree from the LSE and I’m sending my niece to college because my brother is a bum.

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Have you ever wondered why we make certain decisions or react a certain way when making business decisions?  Maybe it is because of the lessons we have learned growing up that have been instilled in us to react in a unique way when working with others.  “Leadership Lessons from the HART” describe keys, insights and lessons that I learned from my mom, Julia M. Hartfield that shaped many of my leaderships skills today. 


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Congratulations! Jennifer Maier, WDS
2016 GWBC® WBENC Business Star of the Year!

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”
Margaret Fuller, journalist, critic, and women’s rights advocate

“For me, this quote says it all.  I have been fortunate to have access to smart and dedicated women, all of whom have been generous with their time and knowledge.  This has made me a better student and mentor.”

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Sustainable Legacies Program Helps Develop Corporate and Nonprofit Leadership Capacity through Volunteerism

CHARLOTTE, NC (February 2016) – Innolect, a woman-owned executive and organization development company, honors Sonoco with its first Sustainable Legacies Award for their philanthropic, volunteer and social responsibility contributions in education, health and wellness, arts and culture and the environment. The award includes a donation to a nonprofit of choice by the winner, of which Sonoco selected the United Way.“We couldn’t have chosen a better company to be the inaugural recipient of our Sustainable Legacies Award,” said Kittie Watson,


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GoldenSourceLogoListen to GWBC WBE, Jordan Lofton, Golden Source Consultants, explain the answer to this very popular question.

Welcome to Episode One of the LION’s Den: Conversations around a 21st Century approach to management and talent. In the first episode, we ask the important question: Is there a millennial crisis in the workforce? And if so, what is it, and what do we do about it?

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SBDC at GSU logoBy Erica Bracey, Business Consultant, Small Business Development Center at Georgia State University

Business owners wear lots of hats and typically find themselves spending more time working IN the business than they do working ON the business. Small business owners are often incredibly proud to report, “I am a responsible business owner and file my taxes on time every year!” However, when asked about book keeping practices and the corresponding financial statements,

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