On March 22-23 2017, CATMEDIA CEO Catherine Downey and President Scott Dixon traveled to New Orleans to attend the 20th annual WBENC Summit and Salute to network with other industry professionals.

During the two-day program, Downey and Dixon were able to discuss the future of various industries, business networking, and development opportunities with some of the country’s biggest corporations.

The Summit began on March 22nd with a Procurement Opportunity Connection meet and greet in the morning.

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The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) has a mission to fuel economic growth globally through access to opportunities, by identifying, certifying and facilitating the development of women-owned businesses. As WBENC celebrates its 20th anniversary it is clear that they continue to live out this mission decades later. WBENC kicked off its 20th-anniversary celebration with their Summit and Salute hosted this year in New Orleans.

The WBENC Summit &

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Woody Allen’s quote that ‘half of the battle is just showing up’ is applicable to women-owned businesses.  It is a battle to create a successful business.  While half of that success comes from skills, professionalism, and hard work, the other half comes from just showing up.  You can’t be in the right place at the right time if you don’t show up.  WBENC’s regional and national meetings, summits, forums and conferences provide opportunities to show up.

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By: Nancy Braun | Showcase Realty, LLC | www.showcaserealty.net | nancy@showcaserealty.net

Women business owners are typically working long hours, juggling family and work and isolated from other professional women. We all know that men form alliances and partnerships on golf courses while professional women leaders isolate themselves. That was me for most of my real estate career.


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Engagement, Motivation and Support are the Keys to a Successful Program

By: Candace Headley, Wellness Development Manager


Worksite wellness programs have been around for more than 40 years. Traditional medical-cost-based Return on Investment (ROI) approaches have arguably been the most important aspect and driver of these programs. However, having had a pulse on employee benefits programs for many years, we at Midsouth Benefits caution that this focus is outdated and flawed.

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Many Marketing Directors and CMOs are barreling through a busy time of year: planning season. The end of a calendar year often means the close of a fiscal year, which means marketers are budgeting and planning for the future. Sometimes, in the midst of allocating budget for public relations, advertising and sales support, a crucial piece is overlooked…

Corporate branding should be an integral part of any marketing mix on a consistent basis.

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There you are with a decent glass of wine in your hand.

Across the table sits a decent looking stranger. You’ve paid a decent amount of money to meet people like him or her, so let’s get started.

You: Hi.

Stranger: I’m the youngest partner in my firm. My BMI is nineteen. I have a degree from the LSE and I’m sending my niece to college because my brother is a bum.

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