By Sara Webb, CEO, InTandem Promotions

Every time InTandem attends a WBENC or a GWBC event, we make a connection, grow stronger as an organization, and build on our future.

InTandem was thrilled at the opportunity to sponsor the recent Atlanta Tables of 8 event. The Georgia Power Team was engaging and enlightening. They not only provided the attendees with key insights in how to do business with them but also were active in what was needed to do business with Georgia Power.

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It’s hard to say how long a business must invest before there is a return.  In the federal government sector, the SBA usually quotes 20-24 months.  In private sector it is usually much shorter. For EMI, the investment in Greater Women’s Business Council membership has been a win from day one! 

Evolution Management, Inc. (EMI) has been a certified GWBC member for almost 10 years.  I was first drawn to the organization as a result of experiencing the energy,

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Reflecting back almost two years ago on the week long Tuck-WBENC Executive Program invites memories and ideas of new beginnings, fresh starts and new friends.

Arriving to Palisades, New York in late September I cannot help but reminisce about the days when I started back to school.  Even if you were not a school lover or a retreat lover, the Tuck-WBENC Executive Program is a MUST.  Why?  It allowed me a week away – away from the business and away from personal life to be with a small group of like minded women business owners. 

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Kittie Watson’s research about Veterans entering the civilian workforce is included in the July issue of the prestigious Harvard Business Review (HBR). The HBR, founded in 1994, is published 6 times yearly with a mission to improve the practice of management in a changing world.  

Kittie’s article, How Your Company Can Better Retain Employees Who Are Veterans, notes 360,000 women and men leave the military each year.

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By Keely L. Herrick, Trademark Attorney, KHerrick LLC

If you avoid going to the dentist, would that save you from ever having a cavity? Certainly not, and if you do have a cavity, waiting to seek help can make the final resolution more painful and expensive. Well, many business owners approach brand protection the same way: they wait until they actually have a problem to reach out to a trademark lawyer.

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By: Cassandra Bailey, CEO of Slice Communications and Laura Berry, Founder and CEO of Cogberry Creative

As a female CEO, one of my favorite events of the year is always the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Summit & Salute. The Summit & Salute is one of WBENC’s annual events that highlights the accomplishments of America’s Top Corporations for Women Business Enterprises and top Women Business Enterprises (WBEs).

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 The Greater Women’s Business Council Honors Region’s TOP Corporations
Committed to Advancing Women-Owned Businesses

ATLANTA, Ga. – April 6, 2017 – The Greater Women’s Business Council, Inc. (GWBC), the largest provider of certification and development resources for women business enterprises (WBEs) in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, today announced eight corporations selected as its 2017 TOP Corporations of the Year.

These corporate partners, who have demonstrated a passion for inspiring,

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On March 22-23 2017, CATMEDIA CEO Catherine Downey and President Scott Dixon traveled to New Orleans to attend the 20th annual WBENC Summit and Salute to network with other industry professionals.

During the two-day program, Downey and Dixon were able to discuss the future of various industries, business networking, and development opportunities with some of the country’s biggest corporations.

The Summit began on March 22nd with a Procurement Opportunity Connection meet and greet in the morning.

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The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) has a mission to fuel economic growth globally through access to opportunities, by identifying, certifying and facilitating the development of women-owned businesses. As WBENC celebrates its 20th anniversary it is clear that they continue to live out this mission decades later. WBENC kicked off its 20th-anniversary celebration with their Summit and Salute hosted this year in New Orleans.

The WBENC Summit &

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Woody Allen’s quote that ‘half of the battle is just showing up’ is applicable to women-owned businesses.  It is a battle to create a successful business.  While half of that success comes from skills, professionalism, and hard work, the other half comes from just showing up.  You can’t be in the right place at the right time if you don’t show up.  WBENC’s regional and national meetings, summits, forums and conferences provide opportunities to show up.

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