Become a Corporate Member


Our corporate/government members embrace diversity and inclusion in today’s marketplace. Through our development and education programs, our corporate members look to grow women businesses and strengthen them to become more competitive suppliers.

GWBC's corporate partners continue to respond proactively by actively providing resources that are key to the growth of our organization. These resources include financial support, training, benchmarking and procurement opportunities in our region of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Join our corporate champions who are working to extend our outreach, increase our visibility, and refine our procedures to effectively implement certification and business enhancement programs. We have come a long way and continue to rely on the expertise of our corporate/government members to help improve our programs and processes.

You are just one click away from a rewarding experience at the Greater Women’s Business Council.

Benefits of Corporate Membership:

  • Participation in a regional information and referral network.
  • Recognition as a supporter of women-owned businesses.
  • B2B opportunities including:
    • Sourcing capability through access to WBENCLink, our Internet database.
    • Hyperlink to your corporate or supplier diversity website from the GWBC website.
  • Listing as a "Corporate Member" in all GWBC marketing materials, brochures and press releases.
  • Access for your women-owned suppliers to a nationally recognized certification program.
  • Assistance with the development or expansion of women's business supplier programs utilizing WBENC's Best Practices in Supplier Diversity.
  • Confidence in awarding contracts to WBEs whose certification has been processed with standardized procedures, strictly adhered to by WBENC partner organizations.
  • Stringent certification standards that help you to identify bona fide WBEs so you and your buying organizations can accurately report expenditures and utilization rates.
  • Confidence that your programs are benefiting the constituencies for which they were intended.
  • Monthly information on what is happening in supplier diversity.


Please join GWBC® and become one of over 1000+ corporate/government entities nationally who accept the WBENC certification and support women business enterprises.