Earn $1.3 Million by ‘Just Showing Up’

Woody Allen’s quote that ‘half of the battle is just showing up’ is applicable to women-owned businesses.  It is a battle to create a successful business.  While half of that success comes from skills, professionalism, and hard work, the other half comes from just showing up.  You can’t be in the right place at the right time if you don’t show up.  WBENC’s regional and national meetings, summits, forums and conferences provide opportunities to show up. For example, on an escalator at a Summit and Salute conference, I had an exchange with a gentleman who at the time, I didn’t realize was a corporate supplier diversity manager.  While we chatted about the weather, long lines, and things that were not necessarily business related, I of course, took the opportunity to talk about my business.  I followed up when I got back to the office and kept in touch.  After about a year, he awarded me a small project.  His corporation experienced my work and I was eventually awarded a $1.3 million dollar purchase order.  This is but one example demonstrating the importance of ‘just showing up’.  See you at the next conference.

Dydra H. Virgil, Principal
V&L Research and Consulting, Inc.
vlresearch@vlresearch.com    www.vlresearch.com