GWBC Board Member Kittie W. Watson, Ph.D. has been published in Harvard Business Review – How Your Company Can Better Retain Employees Who Are Veterans

Kittie Watson’s research about Veterans entering the civilian workforce is included in the July issue of the prestigious Harvard Business Review (HBR). The HBR, founded in 1994, is published 6 times yearly with a mission to improve the practice of management in a changing world.  

Kittie’s article, How Your Company Can Better Retain Employees Who Are Veterans, notes 360,000 women and men leave the military each year. Corporates have committed to employing more than one million veterans over the next several years.

Her findings include that 60% to 80% of veterans leave their first civilian job before their second work anniversary. The article explains why this statistic is so high and how this trend can be reversed. 

Kitties’ other accomplishments include President and Founder of Innolect, Inc., 2015 GWBC Business Star and has been a GWBC Board Member and 2nd Vice Chair since 2010.

Please join us in recognizing Kittie for an enlightening article and for her service to GWBC.

Click here to read Kittie’s article in full.